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Grand Howard Hotel, Bangkok


Grand Howard Hotel, Bangkok

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Grand Howard Hotel, Bangkok

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Grand Howard is one of the Bangkok environmental friendly hotels, with strong commitment to achieve its goals to go “Green”. Affirm to the commitment, all the hotel employees have been continuously cultivated sense of environmental responsibility in possible aspects, with appropriate trainings.

To create environmental awareness, we have set

- Posters displayed in offices and back offices to encourage water and energy saving.

- E-communication (Spark, Intranet) for internal communication and encourage our customers to download e-brochures, e-flyers, etc. instead of printed ones, to reduce and avoid usage of paper.

- Waste management system has been applied entire of the hotel by using recycle paper, installed motion sensors for public rest rooms, using guest room towel and bed linen changing card to encourage guests to consider using towels  more than once and not having bed linen changed every day, dedicated non-smoking floors, using natural spa treatment products, support suppliers with environmental friendly products, reused key cards, using  low electricity consumption light bulbs, chemical free for trees and flowers cultivation in the property and more.

- Provide alternative choice of “Green Programs”: Green Meeting, Green Wedding, Green Party, etc., to encourage customers to join in our green environmental campaign.

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Grand Howard Hotel

50 Charoen-Raj Road, Bangkhlo, Bangkolaem, Bangkok, Thailand 10120
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Fax: +66 (0) 2213 3123

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